Who We Are And What We Do

Improve Your Life

We utilize a 6-10 week program, teaching you specifics of eating balanced meals, proper snacking, and daily exercise. We will transition you through each step of the process including: Jumpstart Days, Weight Loss Phase, and the Metabolic Adjustment Phase. This program focuses on eating lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables with emphasis on maintaining steady blood sugar levels throughout the day. Incorporating specific daily activity is also a key component to the effectiveness of this program. (No gym membership or equipment is needed!)

Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

Blood Sugar Rollercoaster
**Healthpointe keeps you in the “Green Zone” to keep blood sugar level, reducing cravings and keeping you energized throughout the day. (Image provided by

A Home Program Backed by the Team Approach

Healthpointe is a science-based, clinically researched program developed by the Lindora Health Clinic, yet this is the “at home” version that was developed to allow anyone to learn the strategies and apply them to daily living routines and achieve healthy outcomes without attending a clinical setting. Our Mission is to teach others how to live and lead a healthier lifestyle, therefore, we utilize a “see one, do one, teach one” philosophy. Our team leaders come from varied backgrounds, yet have the following in common: they are people (like you) who saw what Healthpointe was all about, chose to participate in the program and follow the User Guide materials, achieved personal success with their health, then decided to teach the same process to others. Whether you were invited to one of our Healthpointe Launch meetings by an active participant, or you got connected through our “open invitation” via social media, we encourage you to take a look and make the decision to GET YOUR HEALTH BACK!