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Reclaiming your HEALTH should not be difficult. We use a team approach to coaching utilizing an effective program originally developed by the Lindora Clinic that teaches you how to balance your blood sugar throughout the day with proper nutrition and exercise. Combining these strategies can make a significant impact on your health resulting in loss of body fat while preserving valuable muscle.

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This lifestyle redesign approach teaches you how to make the right food choices, the basics of meal planning and preparation, choosing the right snacks, and eating proper portion sizes. Balancing your blood sugar throughout the day will reduce cravings and keep you energized. This approach to eating, paired with moderate exercise (walking), will lead to increased energy, improved health and immune system function, potentially reduce chronic disease risk factors, reduce joint pain, and offer you a long term solution to healthy living!

This program focuses on eating lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables with emphasis on maintaining steady blood sugar levels throughout the day.

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